July 11, 2019 is the Fashion of online destinations. With a distinctive tone and aesthetic, it has proven to be the online digital source of magazine for the young and hip, the fashion-and-culture obsessed. StyleCruze readers are precisely extend their knowledge beyond the confines of the digital magazine’s. Our visitors enjoy dynamic content created exclusively for


February 15, 2019

Eloque Magazine, Feb 2019


Eloque magazine was found in 2017 to gather the most talented fashion, beauty and portrait photographers all over the world and bring them recognition they truly deserve. We believe that great photography should speak for itself - therefore you will find in Eloque only editorials with strong story, powerful emotions, unique mood and fashion feel.  


February 13, 2019

Boudoir Inspiration Magazine, Issue : February 2019.

Boudoir Inspiration Magazine, an international Print & Online Magazine based in Miami, Florida presenting beautiful collection of inspirational Boudoir Photography featuring the best boudoir photographers and beautiful models from all around the world. BOUDOIR IS PASSION.

May 14, 2016

Avari Magazine, Issue : Mystics, May 2016, Page : 40-43.

AVARI Magazine, international High-End Fashion and Beauty Magazine based in Vancouver, Washington, USA is an independent fashion, beauty & art magazine.


Strive to inspire creatives in the art and fashion industries by expanding the standards of beauty, promoting emerging talent, and providing access to industry knowledge both online and within the pages of Avari Magazine.

Designer Original Magazine, Issue : Beautylicious, May - June, Page : 28-35.


DESIGNER ORIGINAL Magazine, International High-End Fashion and Beauty Magazine based in Los Angeles, California, USA. Focusing on fashion designers, accessory designers, and photographers. Our mission is to highlight the artistic creativity of individuals to be the catalyst for him or her to soar into their destiny. We search the world for the most unusual and artistic designers, and photographers. Fashion is a Trend "But Style" Style is all YOU!.... So rep your originality and be a Designer Original.


Be Beautiful, Be Bold, Be Divine, But most of all Be you......

March 14, 2016

Creative Portrait Magazine, March 2016 Issue 14, Page: 12-13.


Creative Portrait Magazine is a unique monthly International High-End & High-Quality, glossy magazine for portrait, fashion, beauty & editorial. Based in Godalming, England, UK. Avaliable in Print & Digital.

Dreamingless Magazine, Kawaii Issue 19, Page : 66-71 February 2016


Dreamingless Magazine is an international Print & Digital High-End Fashion & Beauty Magazine, based in London, UK.

February 14, 2016

NEAH Magazine, #3, Page : 84-94 February 2016,


Neah Magazine ist an international Print & Digital High-End Fashion & Beauty Magazine, based in Italy and New Zealand.


January 14, 2016

Obscurae Magazine, Volume 22 Issue I, Page : 54-59 January 2016


Obscurae Magazine is a unique international Fashion Magazine, available in Print & Digital Fashion, based in Tennesse, USA.

August 14, 2015

Knotsvilla, an international wedding blog.

Excited to be helping brides with inspiration and education for a smooth wedding planning process. Issue : August 2015


June 03, 2015

DARK BEAUTY Online & Print Magazine

Ausgabe: 04 June 2015

Extravagant Magazine, 11 April 2015

International Print and Digital High-End creative fashion and beauty photography magazine.

March 31, 2015

Koncept Online & Print Magazine

Ausgabe: April 2015,

Black and White Photography


February 14, 2015

ANON Online & Print Magazine

Ausgabe: Februar 2015, The Look : A Touch of Glam

ANON Magazine is an online, blog-style magazine, as well as a print magazine that is geared toward the independent and creative minded individual. This magazine has an intended purpose of inspiring its readers to diverge from the traditional mindset of common style, and strive for bold originality in all areas of life.


November 14, 2014

Ellément Magazine

International Fashion & Beauty Photography Print Magazine,

Ausgabe: November 2014, SET: 3 Seite: 100-105

Elléments Magazine, International Print and Digital Fashion & Beauty Photography,

based in New York, USA, which focuses on "The New Generation of Fashion & Beauty".

The magazine is submission driven and features some of the best talents and celebrities in the Industry.

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